So following up to our visit to Derv Tech, We took our FJCW & Cooper S down for a tune.

Dervtech offer the map to be tuned onto your sport button therefore keeping your daily car as reliable as possible and giving you the option to have the power on tap whenever you choose. (You can see this on the charts comfort & sport) We found this a excellent option!
We found Dervtech Tuning to be really knowledgeable & extremely helpful with the information on tuning your car and great hospitality! We were talked through all the necessary hardware parts we would need to produce safe and reliable
As you can see from the figures they speak for themselves and the drivability of both cars is awesome.

Onto the numbers… the FJCW produced 274bhp/335nm of torque at 3000revs..
As you can imagine this makes a very lively MINI with a Airtec intercooler, scorpion down pipe & Pipercross panel filter.

The Cooper S produced 243bhp/ and a whopping 360nm of torque.. it now pulls very strong all the way through the Rev Range.. Running Airtec Intercooler, cobra downpipe, JCW map sensors & ITG panel filter.

We are really happy with the results!