Mini Bitz Door Handle Covers


Our High Quality Thick Rigid Plastic Clip On Handles Available for ALL Model MINIs, Not the thin cheap alternatives that stick on!

Available in Carbon Look, Gloss Black or Genuine Carbon Fibre (The Genuine Carbon Handles aren’t clip on they come with 3m tape)

Super easy to fit (Please see photos and description to see which model is yours)

suitable for both LHD & RHD



Mini Bitz Door Handle Covers.

These are the higher quality handle that in fact clips over your existing handles, Although these do come with a small amount of 3M tape on the inside which gives it that extra piece of security. These are a thicker rigid plastic NOT the thin abs plastic type.

We have these handles in Carbon Look,  Gloss Black or Genuine Carbon Fibre (The genuine carbon ones are NOT CLIP ON)

(Please see photos for Generation photo so you can understand which model you have when you select on the options)

 ALL generation 1 minis –

  • R50 : “Mk I” Mini One & Cooper (2001–2006)

  • R52 : “Mk I” Mini Convertible (2004–2008)

  • R53 : “Mk I” Mini Cooper S (2001–2006)

ALL generation 2 model minis 

  • R55 : “Mk II” Mini Clubman (2007–2014) — No rear cargo door handle covers available on this listing see other listing

  • R56 : “Mk II” Mini Hatch/Hardtop range (2006–2013)

  • R57 : “Mk II” Mini Convertible (2009–2015)

  • R58 : Coupé (2011–2015)

  • R59 : Roadster (2012–2015)

  • R61 : Paceman (2013–2016)

5 Door – R60 Countryman

ALL Generation 3 minis


  • F56 : MINI Cooper 3-door hatchback 2014 on

  • F57 : MINI Cooper Convertible 2016 on

5 Door

  • F54 : MINI Cooper Clubman 2016 on (rear cargo door handles are NOT included) see other listings 

  • F55 : MINI Cooper 5-door hatchback 2014 on

  • F60 : MINI Cooper Countryman 2017 on

Common questions – Whats comfort access?

Image result for comfort access button mini r56

So comfort access is also known as key-less entry. So therefore if you have this option on your MINI then you will have a rubber button on your handle which you press to unlock your door. The handles for comfort access come with the hole cut out so this is still accessible. If you do have comfort access the please select the comfort access button. If you don’t have the small rubber button then you are non comfort access. (See photo above)

Installation Video Below!

Additional information


Gen 1, 3 Door, Gen 2, 3 Door, Gen 2, 5 door, Gen 3, 3 Door, Gen 3, 5 Door


Carbon Look, Gloss Black, Genuine Carbon Fibre

Comfort Or Non Comfort

Comfort Access, Non Comfort Access

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