Smoothed Delocked Look Handle Covers for Gen 1 / 2


MINI Bitz Offering a smooth de locked look for your handle covers!

Due to the fact on Gen 1 and 2 you have the emergency key access hole on your handles on the drives side we have decided to market these for those of you who are OCD and really want to KILL ALL CHROME.

Choose from Gloss Black or Carbon Look 

Due to the handles being the higher quality ones we do these are clip on or clip off, So if you do need the emergency key access you can just unclip these handles. Although the handles do come with a small amount of 3 m tape on the inside it is optional if you choose to peel it or not as they hold on with the clip effect.

These are available in Gloss Black

We do have the option or purchasing ONE handle too if you already have our other handle fitted 😉 

If you don’t want these ones please check the option for ‘Mini Bitz Door Handle Covers’ you will be able to get the ones with the hole cut out 🙂 

These fit R50 R52 R53, R55 (FRONT DOORS ONLY R56 , R57, R57 , R58 , R59

If you have comfort access you have a black rubber nipple on both handles which unlocks the car without the key, if you don’t have this you have non comfort access. 


Additional information

Comfort Access

Comfort Access (keyless entry), Non Comfort Access


Carbon Look, Gloss Black

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